This event is scheduled every year to teach young NFL players how to deal with fame and fortune. Just the latest casualty in the NFL lockout saga, but this one will be one that will hurt the league for years.

The loss of this gathering of young minds and experienced veterans and advisers will be apparent for years to come.  This is where the rookies are thought how to manage their money as well as how to handle hangers on from their past.  They are informed about how to get them selves out of situations with out resorting to violence.

This is one event that the owners and players should have come together on and let go on as scheduled because no matter what happens in the future the rookies are going to need  baseline of knowledge to get them through the hard first few years of being wealthy and in demand.  I know bad apples will be bad apples and guys who ride the company line will continue to do so. I’m worried about the in between guys who could go to the dark side.

The things they learn at this summit of young minds will help them make informed responsible decisions in the future, and keep them off the front page of for negative reasons. “With great power comes great responsibility” to quote Spiderman, and with out guidance the line of right and wrong could get blurry  in the seedy under world of NFL life.