October 11 marked the start of the NHL season, or, it would have if the league and its players had been able to come to a collective bargaining agreement to avoid their second lockout in eight years. As a result, an exciting schedule of games will not be played as of yet.

Today, on the season's opening night, there were four games scheduled, including one of the best rivalries in the sport.

That rivalry game was the Boston Bruins going to Philadelphia to take on the Flyers, which hockey fans would have loved and been able to watch nationally on NBC Sports Network. Other games cancelled on opening night were the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames, and the St. Louis Blues facing off against the Colorado Avalanche.

So, NHL fans, which game (or games) are you the saddest about missing? Use this space everyday to vent about games you wanted to see and about the lockout as a whole. We feel your pain.