The latest victim of the NHL lockout, the Winter Classic has been canceled according to an ESPN source.

Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

Preseason games, two months of the regular season, and millions of fans have already been made the victims of one of the most senseless, reckless, and otherwise mindless decisions sport has seen in years. Now, the Winter Classic - the NHL's premier event - has become a casualty, with news via an ESPN source that the league has canceled the outdoor game.

The Red Wings and Maple Leafs were set to face off on January first from the University of Michigan's "Big House" in Ann Arbor.  The game had been the last hope for NHL fans, a proverbial line in the sand we thought neither side would dare cross.

But here we are, once again confounded by an intolerable decision of the Gary Bettman regime - a regime that has seen the game brought to its knees by a lockout just eight years ago and stands today as the only collection of human beings on the planet confident that the game can survive another, that irreparable harm hasn't already been done.

A regime that is not, nor has never been, fit to lead.