This won't be another I love the BCS column. I have made that pretty clear. But think about this-If we didn't have the BCS todays LSU-Arkansas matchup would be meaningless. Tomorrow we have a number of huge games that would be meaningless. The Iron Bowl for 1 would matter not at all and you can say the same for the Virginia Tech-Virginia matchup as well in addition to a few others. We will get no less then 5 huge games the next 2 weeks thanks to the BCS system. Now to todays mega game. Can the Razor Backs take down mighty LSU? It is hard for me to think that the Bengal Tigers of LSU after huge wins against Alabama and Oregon and on the road at West Virginia will lose today. The Razorbacks though represent a wrinkle that will test the Tigers like no other

Unlike Alabama who has challenges on offense and a poor kicking game,unlike WVU and Oregon who have explosive spread offensive attacks Arkansas plays mostly a pro style offensive style. This means they should be able to better protect their fine QB Tyler Wilson. Arkansas also has a very effective duo at Running back in Dennis Johnson and Ronnie Wingo JR. Arkansas is also red hot having won 7 straight after their pounding they took at Alabama. if you remember that ball game it was close for awhile but the Razorbacks special teams fell apart and Wilson starting tossing the ball to the Tide more then his own receivers. The so called experts have LSU at a 12 point favorite. That line seems high. Too high. The pick here is LSU by a Field Goal. I will take LSU 27 Arkansas 24. Just think if we had a playoff system this HUGE game would have no meaning at all as both would be in that playoff. It would reek of an NFL game when both teams played their 2nd and 3rd stringers. An upset wouldn't shock me today. If LSU wins it probably means they don't have to win the SEC title game. An Arkansas loss will knock The Razorbacks probably out of a BCS game totally as Alabama and LSU are more then likely headed for the SEC's  BCS slots. Of course thanks to the BCS even this isn;t settled and won't be for another week