I thought I might feel better about the effort the Jets gave in Foxboro this morning. I don't! In fact 15 hours later I feel worse cause it was a could have, should have, but wasn't. Like many Jet games sad to say.

It's almost funny but not in a ha ha way. The Giants get outplayed but have enough moxie and 1 more play to beat the Redskins 27-23. The Jets play a very good game, out play Brady and the Pats but lose in OT 29-26

Forget that fumble by QB Mark Sanchez at the end. 2nd and long and he is trying to make a play, instead he fumbles, New England recovers-ballgame!

It should never have come down to that play. The Jets defense allowed Tom Brady to march down the field late in regulation and tie the game with a 42 yard field goal by Steven Gostkowski. The Jets defense is last in the NFL in 3rd down defense for a reason. A team built on defense didn't defend best when it mattered most.

As a Jet fan I am not mad at the guys today as I have been a few times this year. The defense couldn't make a key stop at the end of regulation or in OT but they did a nice job much of the day against hall of famer Brady and that run and fun offense the Pats use.

Then there is the offensive line. They didn't protect Sanchez well on the key play, didn't open holes consistently and committed a huge holding penalty. For his part Sanchez threw a brutal pass late in the 2nd quarter that was woefully under thrown to Stephen Hill that was 7 easy points. Hill later returned that blunder with his own, dropping a huge pass when he was wide open and cost the Jets dearly. Instead of 7 points the Jets settled for 3 and that was the BIG non play of the game in my opinion.

Another words the Jets played well but a handful of plays cost them a win. Many thought they would get blown out. Many think the Jets should change QB's. Many are wrong.

Mean time the Giants give up 480 yards to Robert Griffin the 3rd, surrender a huge touchdown with under 2 minutes to go-30 yard pass play from RG3 to Santana Moss and win because Eli Manning makes that 1 play that the Jets couldn't.

So today we Jet fans are left with an empty feeling. A well played game against their most heated rival and ho hum another bitter defeat!