Two players on the North Korean women’s soccer team have tested positive for banned substances. Song Jong Sun and Jong Pok Sim were suspended before yesterday’s game and now the whole team is up for a drug test.  This is troubling news to the FIFA governing body, and has shaken my faith in the honesty of the North Korean Government.

First off I want to say how SHOCKED I am to learn that a country like North Korea would have athletes that were cheating. I mean this is the country that has a fearless Leader that has Who Invented the Microwave oven, Wrote 1600 books, and a bunch of Operas that world isn’t allowed to here because it would make “the Phantom of the Opera” Sound like Pip farting on a snare drum ( I looked it up, people in North Korea think Kim Jong Il did all of that).

I’m just baffled that a country that as given the world so many funny jokes and nuclear controversies would cheat at soccer…. And still suck. I mean if your going to cheat at least win a Championship, just ask Manny Ramirez.