Throughout the course of the week, trade talks involving Carmelo Anthony being shipped to the New Jersey Nets have come to a simmer. However, the last 24 hours have seen another team show the Nets that nothing is a sure thing in the NBA.

ESPN analyst Chris Broussard reported last night that the New York Knicks are suddenly back in the conversation of potential destinations for Carmelo Anthony. According to the report, the Knicks have reached out to the Memphis Grizzlies to develop a 3-team deal that would include sending Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo to Denver and Anthony to the Big Apple.

The Knicks have been thinking about how and when to acquire Carmelo Anthony ever since "The Decision" back in July, and now the team is trying to throw together a type of "prevent defense" to bypass New Jersey. But then again, Jay-Z could be a convincing figure for the Nets; oh wait, the Knicks have Spike Lee.

However, there could be a problem on the horizon: it sounds like Denver wants nothing to do with O.J. Mayo. On top of that, Mayo feels the same way towards Denver. The latter isn't too much of problem, because Mayo has no leverage to stop the potential deal. So now the question becomes this: is Carmelo Anthony in a "New York State of Mind," or does he want to leave the door open for a cameo on "The Jersey Shore?" I guess only time will tell.