Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly was heard cussing at one of his players on national television.  The people who have a problem with this are overreacting.

Brian Kelly yelled at many of his players during Notre Dame's 23-20 loss against South Florida on Saturday.  It looked like he was nearly going to have a heart attack when he was yelling at wide receiver TJ Jones.  The receiver failed to turn and look for a pass that was heading his way.  His error led to an interception.

NBC's broadcast also picked up audio of Brian Kelly cussing at one of his players.  There are people who are offended by this.  There are people who think this is totally inappropriate.  I won't suggest that those who are offended are ridiculous.  However, I will suggest that people who are calling for Brian Kelly's job are.

This is what happens on college football sidelines.  With that in mind, you can't overreact based on one incident.  This isn't a recurring theme.  Although it's a Catholic university and the cameras are on him, this isn't exactly a long trail of f-bombs.  This hasn't happened regularly.  Even if it did, it's debatable whether it's a fireable offense.  The fact that it hasn't means that overly-sensitive people need to settle down.