Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly had to apologize to his players for sticking his foot in his mouth.

Brian Kelly had to apologize to a group of his players for some recent comments he made regarding recruiting.  Kelly made his initial comments about recruiting while speaking to the media following practice on Thursday.  Kelly spoke about players who were recruited during the Charlie Weis regime.

"You can see the players that I have recruited, you know who they are," Kelly said.  "We’ve had one class of kids that we’ve recruited that I’ve had my hand on.  The other guys here are coming along," Kelly added.  "It’s a process.  It can’t happen overnight.  They’re getting it.  They’re making good progress."

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kelly smoothed things over with a group of players during a team dinner on Friday who objected to the comments.  Kelly never should have made these comments.  They sound way worse than they are.  To a player it sounds like, "My recruits are good.  The other coach's recruits stink." 

Some players simply don't fit a different system.  It doesn’t mean they're bad players.  It doesn’t mean they're horrid.  It just means they don't fit a particular system.  However, I can completely understand how a player would be sensitive to comments like this.  Open mouth, insert foot, BK.

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