Tennis player Novak Djokovic figured he’d combined his two favorite past times; tennis and ladies.  This is one smart dude.

Novak Djokovic recently visited Brazil for an exhibition match against Gustavo Kuerte.  During a stoppage, Djokovic thought, “Why not spit game to these four ridiculously hot Brazilian chicks.”  I can’t confirm if this is exactly what went through his head or not, but this exact sentence would’ve been running though my mind.

The girl on the far end massaging Djokovic’s right arm is smokin.  I really hope Kuerte held his own in this exhibition match.  If he got smacked by Djokovic while he was partially distracted by these Brazilian beauties, there’s not much hope for him.  I love the reaction by the ball boys too.  Is it me, or do the ball boys look at Djokovic as if to say, “Where’s our group hug?”

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