South African paralympian Oscar Pistorius who, last month was allowed to compete in the London Olympic games despite his "advantage based on technology," is whining about being "out-teched" by a fellow competitor at the recent Paralympics. You can't make this stuff up!

Pistorius, who caused the media to go into a frenzy despite his advantages at the London games, is crying that a competitor of his in the 44t-300meter race was given an "unfair advantage" thanks to his carbon fiber legs being longer than his.

Pistorius finished 2nd in the race to Brazil's Cordoso Oliveira then whined how he was at an unfair disadvantage. Oh the irony of this!

Pistorius finished 0.7 seconds behind Oliveira then went right to the TV cameras to complain. "We aren't racing a fair fight," complained Pistorius. I wonder how those he beat in the Olympic Games reacted to this. Pistorius complained that the Brazilian's "legs were too long" and called for an investigation into his charges.

Pistorius had never lost a 200m race at the Paralympics. Now he has and he doesn't like it. Pistorius will have two more chances to get his evens on the track as he and Oliveira are scheduled to compete against each other in the 100m and 400m races.