The fact that the Panthers and Giants game ended up being a great game (38-35 Carolina), is really secondary to the sideshow that went on between Panthers DB Josh Norman and Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr.

The heated battle started early -- with the NFL even promoting it on Twitter.

Each player ended up being flagged multiple times for unsportsmanlike conduct (Beckham 3, Norman 2).

The battle went from a great on-field encounter between two great players to ugly in the second half. Norman completely took Beckham out of the game mentally and eventually Beckham did this toward the tail end of a play:

There's talk of Beckham deserving a suspension all over the internet, even from verified accounts:

Beckham's behavior was clearly out of line - but don't be fooled, it was Norman's intention to get under his skin and to take him out of the game mentally. He did that, but he shouldn't be surprised by the reactions he got.