The minds behind the 2012 London Olympic committee haven’t neccearily been doing a fantastic job thus far. The logo looks like it was stolen from the Saved By The Bell style guide, and their one-eyed mascot looks a lot more like an artistic interpretation of a Teletubbie’s wiener than a sports symbol. So, I suppose it stands to reason that when picking their “official theme song” they weren’t going to land on a winner. Enter Muse’s clunky rock ballad “Survival.”

This song is awful. Musically the song jumps from symphonic to plucky pop rock to grunge without any sort of discernable transition. Lyrically it appears that Muse hired a team of 8 year olds to draft put this together. How someone with any self respect could write down lines like “I will light the fuse, and I’ll never lose” and “I’ll keep up the pace, and I will reveal my strength to the whole human race,” read them over, and still decide to go foward and record them is beyond me. Check out the song below, if you dare, and make sure tune in to the Opening Ceremonies where Muse (fingers crossed) may perform their masterpiece live.