From the here we go again department-good heavens- is Lebron unhappy in Miami and ready to opt out of his contract after the 2014 season, Oh please please say it isn't so!

The rumors are bubbling that Lebron James isn't thrilled with all aspects of playing for the Heat, namely VP-GM and the man who basically runs the club Pat Reilly. The rumor further puts forth that James isn't happy with Reilly's driving hard style but likes playing with his mates including Dwayne Wade.

I find this rumor based on "un-named" sources  to be specious at best. Lebron not happy with workaholic Reilly? Hmm. never heard Lebron lacks drive and work ethic. Might be a personality thing but lack of want to work hard, No way not Lebron.

Let's just roll with this rumor for a moment. can you imagine another full year minimum of Lebron rumors. Please don't let this happen. Sorry but daily Lebron has been spotted in some  club in NY or seafood joint in LA is not something I will enjoy. I may be 1 of the very rare folks but I didn't mind the last Lebron TV special, but can you imagine going through that whole circus and the buildup and daily ramblings. Please Lebron stay in Miami or demand a trade only to NY :)