Former Knicks President and GM Isiah Thomas is back in the game, as a commentator with NBA TV. Isiah joins Turner sports as a studio analyst for NBA coverage and, by my own speculation, perhaps the NCAA tournament.

Thomas is an NBA Hall of Famer for the Detroit Pistons. Knicks fans remember him less fondly, as the guy who spent millions and millions and millions of dollars on lame talent, players past their prime, players who never had a prime, injured players, and, well, you get the point. We are talking Steve Francis, Tracy McGrady, Jerome James, Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry and on and on and on. It took the Knicks two or three years to get themselves out of the salary cap disaster created by Thomas.

Ironically Thomas will work his first game December 21st  when the New York Knicks  host the Chicago Bulls. Thomas is scheduled to work several games per month and also contribute to

Thomas' last job was in college and that didn't last long. In fact it was only two years with Florida International where he had a "solid" record of 26-65, including a lame 14-36 in conference games.