3 teams. 3 cities. millions of fans. No not too much pressure Peyton. Take your time. Oh what am I saying he doesn't care and that's not a bad thing. As we head into a new week the Manning sweepstakes are down to the wire.

From all appearences it's down to Denver, Tennessee, and getting in late and quietly the SF 49ers. Who is it going to be. I will dare go where not many will go and call my shot. I say it will be Denver.

Why the Broncos? Why not. No seriously if it is true that Manning wishes to stay in the AFC Denver looks to be the best option although  very strong case can be made for the Titans. Manning played college ball their and the owner, 89 year old Bud Adams with authority told his Football guys to do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to ink Manning. Adams is getting up in age (you think) and wants to win now. I would hate to be his managment team if they don't get the deal done, that's how authoritive Adams was in demanding they get the deal done.

However John Elway doesn't work in Tennessee, he runs the Broncos and he can be very persuasive plus it's not like Pat Bowlen won't spend to make his team better, he has rings to prove that.

Now you may ask why not the 49ers and that's a great question. It appears and this is the NFL but it appears they are the closest to winning of all of these 3 teams. They have all the ingredients having added 2 quality receivers in Randy Moss and Mario Manningham. They also have the weather factor as it never gets real cold in SF. However I am going to roll with the theory that P Manning doesn't want to play in the same conference as little brother E Manning.

Ok so if I have to pick the order I say it is this. 1) Denver 2) San Fran 3) Tennessee. Bet the Titans knowing my track record for making these picks.