Ok so it's only an pre-season game, and yes it's Seattle and Oakland but who cares. It's a baseball game! The rest of the summer boys start play the day after on March 3rd or March 4th but again it's a baseball game.

Now if you are a Yankee fan you are really Jonesing and if you are a Mets fan well perhaps you can derive pleasure in the game because the team is going to stink something rancid but again who cares it's a Baseball game.

Now if  you are thinking we have plenty to keep us busy on the sports schedule you are exactly correct. We have this Football game coming up this Sunday. They say it's a pretty special event called the Super Bowl. Yes we have the NBA and the NHL to keep us stoked and College Hoops are getting set for the March Madness which is a great event as are the conference tournaments. However the Great American pastime remains my favorite.

I would say it also signifies the end of the long winter but not so much this year. But again who cares. It's pitcher vs hitter. It's mano vs mano.

So while I enjoy all these sports  there is only 1 top love you can have and for me it's MLB!