Last week Dwight Howard expressed an interest in being traded away from Orlando, but now he has changed his mind.  Perhaps that's because the team isn't willing to take any trade for him.

Just when you thought that Dwight Howard was on his way out of Orlando and possibly to New Jersey or even Los Angeles it looks like he will be staying put.  Howard met with team executives on Monday and now he is all about Orlando, as long as they make some changes and bring in soem talent.

One of the people that Howard wanted brought in was Chauncy Billups, but he has been picked up off waivers by the LA Clippers.  The Magic are focusing on their playbook, according to ESPN and while they will field offers for Superman, they aren't really interested.

I love this city. There is no place I'd rather be but Orlando. I just want to make sure we have the right things here so we can win a championship. I'm all about change.

-Dwight Howard

While the option of a trade is still there, Orlando most likely won't for something that won't keep them in contention of a championship.  They have a taste of success and it won't be easy going back to ground zero to build it back up.  Many are saying that Howard was looking at players like Shaq who moved on and won championships, but is now looking more at players like Dirk Nowitzki who stayed with one team and finally won a championship.  Only time will tell though.