His name isn't Casey Martin but his case is just as controversial, and in many ways  more egregious then the disabled golfer. In the land of PC such words shouldn't be uttered, but I don't live in PC land. Pistorius should not have been allowed to compete in the Olympic games, and if JUSTICE matters he shouldn't be eligable to compete for the 2016 games in Brazil.

Martin "only needed" a cart to compete. Pistorius has two prostetic legs, both use carbon fiber blades as his legs.

Pistorius is a great story about over coming odds, as many who suffer from handicaps of all kinds. The stories are numerous of people over coming odds so long it boggles the mind. Applaud them. Cheer for them. But allow them to compete in the Olympic games-NO!

Pistorius has done wonderful things in the parolympic games. No question he is talented and tough but what does he know from hamstrings, tweaks, pulled muscles, and other issues track and field athletes go through? Pistorius finished 2nd in his 400m relay to get into the semifinals of the event. He then finished last in that race. He says he is now aiming for 2016 and Rio. I say it should be stopped now!

Martin won his challenge to play by his own rules in US Supreme Court. he cited the Americans with Disabilities Act. I would have voted against him. This isn't about discrimination against. This is about level playing field. Using carts and having blades are not level. You might want to argue "oh Bruce just let them play, they can't win" or something similar. Nonsense. In four years who knows what science can conjure help to assist Pistroius for 2016 and the Olympic games. Remember his opponents didn't bring harm to Oscar. A birth defect did. He was born without Fibulas and before he turned 1 had both legs amputated. For him to accomplish what he has is amazing, but any competitive advantage given to the Pistorius's or Martin's is holding his competition at fault.

Like when Martin broke into the Golf world and the controversy grew, many of his fellow golfers didn't want to be seen as mean by the PC crowd and speak out against his cart usage. Some brave golfers did. Same thing with Pistorius.

The reality is this. If you aren't competing on the same level it is cheating or "unfair"..See Steroids for an example. Because I am weaker then others should I get to use roids so I can compete against better athletes? No..I realize this is not the same when talking roids and disabilities but competitive advantage is competitive advantage.

Pistorius exited the track after finishing last to a standing ovation. I would have been conflicted. Would I cheer or boo, and if I booed would I be booing him or the IOC that allowed this farce to even happen. I might have done both. Boo-cheer-boo-cheer-boo cheer.

It shouldn't be left for pundits to even write about or talk about these issues. No athlete should ever be given a competitive advantage because 1 competitor suffers from a disability. It should be obvious!