Some of the NFL’s population of NFL head coaches are unemployed here are some employment options that fit them like a glove.

Eric Mangini- ManGenius is out in Cleveland, which makes it 2 jobs in 3 years for the former Jets and Browns Coach.  What job can you get for a guy who is 0-1 in the playoffs and under 500 in his head coaching career?  Real-estate Agent- Some one who is just skilled enough to con himself head coaching jobs in the NFL, but not talented enough to stick them long enough to set any roots in what ever major city he is in better be good at selling the houses. Something tells me he is about to sell one some place in Ohio pretty cheap in the next few weeks. 

John Fox- This guy has been a successful head coach, he has  above a 500 winning percentage in his head coaching career (.506). What Kind of job do have for a guy who is decently respected in NFL?  Sports Bar Owner, think of it, he has coached every where from Bosie State to the USFL LA Express.  He’s got some war stories You want to know what its like to play in the Super Bowl (check)? What is like to record 2 wins after you cut your former franchise QB to start Matt More (Check). That last one is why he is shopping for locations in burnt out mini malls.

Josh McDaniels-  Probably The Hardest one on the list, a guy that shows up in the AFC west buy winning his first 6 games as Broncos head Coach, he would end up going 11-17 not winning 6 games after his first out burst.  He is tough but, Guidance Counselor – He has proven he can’t hack it in the real world. But he has turned around a troubled career in Kyle Orton, he banished bad apples (Pro Bowlers) like Jay Cutler, Peyton Hillis, and Brandon Marshall, who needs them. And remember Bronco’s fans he is a good judge of character. Now you have Tim Tebow

Brad Childress- This Guy has some good stats but a bad attitude for NFL players, he is another guy who is above 500 as a head coach, but unlike everyone else he as welcome as an outbreak of staff infection in an NFL Locker Room. Head Coach In the LFL (Lingerie Football League) Can you see it big bad Brad yelling “there is no crying in football” at a bunch of Hooters rejects.  Come on now these are the only group of players on the planet that will respond to him. Maybe he can get Jen Sterger to come out of retirement MEOW.

Wade Phillips- we are talking about a head coach who has been blown out more then DJ Paulie Dee’s Hair on the Jersey Shore ( I hope that is a real person). Broncos, Bills, Falcons, and now the Cowboys are teams that have given Wade the boot. Where o where do I send him. Stunt-Man, That’s right and it’s not that he has all that built in protection. Wade Phillips has been beaten up by more media outlets then President Obama. This guys has been eaten up and spit out in every media market known to man kind.  So stuffing a roman candle down his pants and roller skating off a garage into a bath tube full of nails and sharks teeth for the new “Jackass movie”, is just another day to Wade Phillips.