Ok speech commies you got another. Ozzie Guillen got 5 days suspension. probably not what you wanted. I mean he needed to be fired didn't he. Yeah Fire him! Fire him! Fire him! Yeah make me hurl!

It's amazing to me how words, stupid words yes, but just words cause so many to be offended. What a soft place this has become. So many offended. So many appalled. Over words. I have to shake my head as this Country continues it's decent into cesspool. Sad really.

For 1st time readers please save the "you are defending Castro" pap. I defend the freedom to be dumb, to speak dumb, even distasteful if you will. I am proud to defend that against the stampede of FIRE HIM FIRE HIM FIRE HIM! Clean the foam off  your lips.

My line is simple. If your words stir up hate you can't work for me. If your words stir up violence you can't work for me. If you are just a fool who thinks he is cool and speak dumb you can work for me.

I don't expect the good folks from Cuba who came to the USA to escape the EVIL Castro to embrace Ozzie. I do expect them to know why they left Cuba and 1 of those reasons is freedom of expression even if it is repugnent. It's really as simple as that. I get why they would be outraged but I dont get censorship.

I say we are short changing ourselves and doing ourselves no favors by making people afraid to speak their mind and their views. I say it is good to expose the idiots and even to a lesser degree those we disagree with. But rather it seems the intolerent can't handle that.

If I were the Marlins I would  have let Guillen hang out to take the abuse, counter his admiration for the brutal dictator, not suspend him. What exactly will be proven with a 5 game suspension? Nothing. If Guillen likes dictators he is entitled. He is a fool but since when did being a fool mean being forced to the unemployment line? Heck we would have millions collecting then.

So who is next? Whose head do we chop next? Who can't say something unsavory next? it's a daily thing with many. I can't express enough how truly aweful I feel for the kids of America. they are seeing a Country that has changed and not for the better. They are living in a Country that has lost it's way, that has become like much of the world many of us don't like and it's getting worse and worse by the day. So it's Ozzie the commie lover today. Who gets their turn tomorrow!!!!