I saw the title of this video and had to check it out.  It's actually pretty impressive.  This girl literally paints a portrait of Yao Ming with a basketball.

I have to admit, this is impressive stuff.  I wouldn't be able to paint anything with an actual paint brush.  This chick is making portraits with a basketball.  That can't be easy to do.  I can completely tell that it's Yao Ming also.  It's a pretty good portrait.

The only thing I'll criticize is the girl's dribbling at the end.  Come on, if she can paint with a basketball, she should be able to dribble a ball a little bit better.  I'm not asking her to be Tim Hardaway with a killer crossover.  I just want her to be able to dribble it a couple of times without screwing up.  Aside from that, I dig the video and the painting.

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