Well devil fans of the Capital Region you can breath a little easier today. Your free agent captain has told the wealthy NY Rangers to kiss off-in so many words.

Zach Parise told several reporters when asked that he will not sign with the Rangers. The 27 year old captain seems upset at the broadway Blueshirts. For what reason I haven't a clue. Maybe he is jealous of the popular Rangers while his Devils can't get any ink even on game day of game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Asked 3 times specifically about the Rangers and signing with them should they persue him he said "no". That's pretty direct. And pretty dumb. If for no other reason leverage. Players use wealthy teams all the  time for leverage. Ask the NY Yankees.

Albany and New Jersey Devil fans have been giving me a tough time as I announced several times how good Parise would look in a Ranger uniform. Course I was tweeking them but they are an angry and envious bunch.

Parise is exactly what the Rangers need. A gifted offensive player who can bury the biscuit in the basket. However something seems to be knawing him when it comes to the Rangers.

After flat out dissing the Rangers Parise said "don't be trying to make a headline out of it". Too late Zach. In fact you will get more headlines for these comments then your red headed step child team got while contending for the Holy Grail.