Early this morning, Penn State University President Rodney Erickson announced that the statue of former head coach Joe Paterno will be removed from the front of Beaver Stadium, an action they followed through on today, forklifting the statue inside of the stadium. It will be stored in an unnamed location.

I commend Penn State for making what is sure to have been a tough decision to get rid of the statue. Not because I think that he is more wrong than anyone else. Not because I have any preconceived bias towards Joe Paterno.

Instead, I commend them for formally disassociating themselves with the idolization of Joe Paterno on that campus and in that community that has led to plenty of people flat out denying his involvement in the scandal despite a former FBI director in Louis Freeh saying otherwise.

Penn State has had the artist who painted their famous mural on campus remove the halo painted around Paterno's head. The student run group that camps out for tickets before each game has changed its name from Paternoville to Nittanyville. And now the famous Joe Paterno statue has been taken away because of the transgressions of an otherwise great man. The one thing that will still bear his name is the library, which his contributions played a huge role in building.

Penn State hasn't taken away the rights of their fans to worship or defend Joe Paterno. They have just made it clear that they will not be joining those who choose to do so.

The NCAA has also announced that it will be releasing the punishment for Penn State on Monday morning, with CBS Sports reporting "unprecedented" penalties.