After a day of grumbling by many fans,most media and the 3 teams involved in the deal it looks like Chris Paul very well could be heading to the Lakers,perhaps in the next 48 hours. The 3 teams involved,the Houston Rockets,The Lakers and New Orleans are back at it. The Rockets should have taken the downtime to back out of the deal but noooo they seem gung ho to get the worst end of the trade. You can expect more draft picks to the Hornets to be part of whatever the new package looks like going to New Orleans. Somehow the  geniuses  who engineered the labor stoppage,that being the owners figure if the Hornets get more rookies they get better value. How absurd is that. The Hornets stood to get Kevin Martin,Luis Scola,Lamar Odom and Goran Dragic which isn't  a bad haul for their loss of Paul. It's the Rockets who should have stepped in to cancel the trade getting only the soft Pau Gasol in return. Gasol can fill it up but on the other end of the floor well tissue paper is tougher

I can't wait to see how the NBA who despite the blowback had the authority to stop the deal as they collectivley own the New Orleans franchise until and if a buyer can be found spins the new deal. How can getting more immature rookies in the form of draft picks aid New Orleans? The draft is a crap shoot at best with all the teen pro's and euro players coming into the NBA. This deal would have given the Hornets some proven talent. Martin can fill it up. Scola is at the top of hustle  board every night. Odom is versatile and can add many elements to the new squad and Dragic has talent if he  harnesses his out of control ball handling skills. How can be getting unknown players be better off..Not Like the lakers will finish below 500 thus bearing a great draft pick and the Rockets even though I believe they are getting the worst end of this won't be picking in the top 10 either so it's not like the Hornets will get back in this "new deal" lottery selections. I am betting that when all is finished it will be minor cosmetic changes that makes  these goofy owners feel like shutting down the league was worth it. Don't be fooled by the talking points that will flow if and after this thing is finished. Actually if these bumbling owners had a clue they would step in and stop the Orlando Magic from destroying their franchise by giving the  NJ Nets Dwight Howard. Just kidding these owners would have Orlando sending NJ more in return for this horrific trade that's coming next