Three of the most dreaded words in sports could factor into Pedro Feliciano's 2011 season coming to an end: Dr. James Andrews.  (Insert the most hideous, scary, and disturbing sound effect ever made.)

Pedro Felciano has a torn capsule in his left shoulder.  A dye MRI taken yesterday revealed the injury.  Feliciano is leaning toward arthroscopic surgery, but will get a second opinion from the infamous physician Dr. James Andrews.

By the way, who's the next guy in line behind Dr. James Andrews?  Who is the #2 sports surgeon in America?  Dr. James Andrews has the market cornered when it comes to repairing sports injuries.

Anyway, this is a very serious injury.  It's quite possible that Feliciano would have to do a year of rehab following this procedure.  Losing a lefty in the Yankees' bullpen obviously won't be a great scenario for the Yanks either. 

Hopefully, Brian Cashman will elect not to call out the Mets for overworking Feliciano.  It's not as if setting a Major League record for the most relief appearances over a three-year span was a warning sign or anything.  Brian Cashman needs to also blame himself for signing a guy with a ton of wear and tear.