It was only a few weeks back when NY Rangers defensemen Marc Staal had a deflected puck hit him right in the eye. The debate heated up about making visors mandatory. Staal wasn't wearing one. But Sid Crosby was and the shield didn't prevent the NHL's poster boy from getting hit in the face, by a deflected puck off the stick of the teammate Brooks Orpik. Sid the kid underwent surgery for a broken jaw but as of now reports are he didn't suffer another concussion.

Crosby and his Pens are flying right now, winners of 15 straight and having just made 3 trades to acquire among others Jerome Iginla. No word exactly how long Crosby will be idle is not known but it is hopeful for Pittsburgh he will return for the playoffs if not a little sooner. The Penguins are sitting atop the eastern conference with 56 points, ahead of Montreal by 7 points. They lead the west's Chicago Blackhawks by a single point for tops and perhaps home ice in the Stanley Cup finals.

Crosby has been star crossed his entire career, including 2 serious concussions that had his career in jeopardy. he has bounced back nicely from both and was chasing the NHL's scoring leader title. he currently sits atop the leader board with 56 points on 15 goals and 41 assists. he has a 10 point bulge on Steve Stamkos of Tampa Bay.

The Penguins have been without their 2nd leading offensive player in Evgeni Malkin for a few games yet they haven't lost a game since a February 28th defeat at Carolina.

Pittsburgh just swung 3 trades making them the prohibitive favorites to win the cup and gave up no major league talent. They acquired future hall of famer Jerome Iginla for a draft pick and 2 college prospects. They pried away Dallas Stars captain Brendon Morrow and SJ Sharks defensemen Douglas Murray for the stretch run and playoffs. Ironically the injury, which happened before the game was 2 minutes old, came on the debut of Iginla in Pittsburgh.