Penn State football was rocked by NCAA sanctions on Monday, prompting fans of the program to voice their displeasure with the governing body, primarily with the vacation of former head coach Joe Paterno's wins from 1998 to 2011. The actions of that group of fans has been likened to that of a cult by many who do not have ties to the university.


However, a TV news interview found one man whose thoughts on the punishments handed down display the kind of sick culture the NCAA is trying to change.

Yup, that's a guy comparing the Penn State sanctions to September 11, 2001. He even provided a more graphic description of what he was feeling by saying that all he saw was "planes crashing into towers." Obviously not every Penn State apologist feels this way, but the fact that someone out there does is flat out sickening.

Now, I ask those who are against the decisions made by the NCAA, are you sure that there isn't a cultural shift that needs to be made in big time college football after watching a grown man compare his team getting punished for willingly concealing child sexual abuse for 14 years to the most senseless, brutal act of violence in American history? I think that camp just lost some of its legitimacy.