The outpouring of concern for the victims of Jerry Sandusky has been compassionate and real. The ideas how to deal with Penn State and the shameful coverup are numerous and many onerous.

Grambling University has asked for all of coach Joe Patermos to be vacated, thus returning their late coach Eddie Robinson to the top spot in all time victories. History will make it's judgement on JoPa's helping to cover up the evil of Sandusky but make no mistake from strictly a coaching standpoint Paterno's greatness should not be taken away.

Now it seems America has more of a thirst to see the JoPa statue come down, and it seems some voices are even more harsh about it coming down then about serious and harsh penalties  that should be coming to the child rapist Sandusky.

According to reports the Big 10 is considering giving firing authority to their commissioner Jim Delany. Now exactly what this will accomplish I have no clue. Did Delany somehow know somethign no one else did-No!. Would Delany have been able to do anything about Sandusky-No! So what is the point of this?

Right up their in the department of bad ideas comes this from S.E.C media day and from Alabama Coach Nick Saban. He suggests putting a 10% surcharge tax on all Penn State sports tickets to raise money for sexual abuse victims. If you are shaking your head well so am I. So those that buy tickets to see athletes compete need to pay more for the crimes of Sandusky and the cover up of such crimes? And this makes sense how?

Finally and most crippling could be the dreaded " Death penalty" that the NCAA is supposedly considering. It is hard to fight against this as the rules state. Lack of institutional control it is defined. This Penn State mess certainly qualifies as that. From the very top the cover up is heinous.

However the question gnaws at me. Closing down PSU Football hurts all the other sports at the university which are funded mainly by the cash cow Football program. So athletes that compete in non revenue sports like Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming or any other secondary sport will have to pay the price.

I won't go into a rant here about the leniency in how we deal with criminals. If I were judge and jury I would be determined that Sandusky pay the harshest price-Castration to begin. This will end all urges of sexual depravity that Sandusky feels, in addition to the harshest incarceration I could work up for the evil monster. But then the " This is inhuman and barbaric" crowd will cry. I say so?  He is inhuman and barbaric and deserves NO sympathy at all. I would hand out harsh justice to those that are alive and helped cover up the crimes. This includes Curly, Spanier, Shultz and yes McQueary who ran like a little boy instead of helping  " Victim #1". I would spare no compassion for any of these abettors.

For Paterno, he is no longer with us obviously but his sterling reputation is ruined. His family name shamed. Whether the statue comes down or not seems insignificant to me. Best it come down I am thinking. If that happens it will be met with great resistance by the die hard Paterno fans. How do you seperate the statue for the accomplishments and the failure of JoPa to report the crimes of his defensive genius? Do you even need to? It hurts to say but Paterno clearly lied about the 1998 investigation of Sandusky, claiming he knew nothing about it. A flat out lie.

I say deal with the criminals and those that abetted the criminal but do not use buck shot in doing so and penalize those that had nothing to do with with any of this disaster. No reason for fans to pay any price, or innocent athletes that compete for PSU and do so proudly. No reason to penalize all the athletes that perform for Penn State.