@PhilJackson11 and, after his first tweet, won't be winning any championships in the field of tweeting.

Phil, come on man. You've won 11 championship rings (or champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs) and you can't even put together three words coherently for your current mass of over 37,000 followers? And if that was going to be such a problem, wouldn't a simple "Hi" have accomplished the same goal?

It's no secret that Phil Jackson has enjoyed the use of marijuana and other drugs in the past. I'm not saying that he was under the influence of said substances when he sent this tweet out, but hopefully the Zen Master had a good reason for his failure to type out three words properly.

Either way, Phil seems really adamant in wanting everyone to know that he has 11 NBA championship rings. So, in case you didn't know, Phil Jackson has 11 NBA championship rings.

Regardless, welcome to Twitter, Phil. Hopefully your next thousand tweets go better for you than your first.