Count me as stunned as I am sure many will be. Phil Jackson, the greatest coach in NBA history tells HBO Real Sports that the NHL playoffs were more enjoyable to watch then the NBA post season.

Interviewed by Andrea Kramer on the award winning HBO sports program, Real Sports, the Zen master said this about the NBA " Watching the NBA is not easy for me-There is very little passing offense that goes on in the NBA anymore. Everything is off the dribble, on a screen roll, through the screen roll, so the innovation is very limited as far as what's going on. I find myself watching the hockey playoffs before watching basketball playoff games".

Kramer, seemingly astonished then asked " You would watch the NHL playoffs over the NBA playoffs? Jacksons shot back " Less commercials, more fun, much more action. Yeah".

Stunning admission from the man who has made a lot of money and had much success in the NBA. I am inclined to agree with Jackson. I LOVE the NHL post season. I enjoy the NBA playoffs. Then again I didn't play or coach in either league.

Kramer did not ask Jackson about the recent news that jackson could be in line to coach the Oklahoma City Thunder if the Thunder replace or don't resign their head coach Scotty Brooks whose contract expires the end of June.

Earlier in the interview Jackson slammed the Knicks for building what he calls a "sloppy" team. He also called Carmelo Anthony a ball stopper. in the interview. The Knicks as I have written about a few times never even botherd to call the all time winningest coach in NBA history!