Athletes often make comments that are better left unsaid.  In this case with Vick, it's more important for us not to jump to conclusions.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Michael Vick admitted that he was more interested in playing for the Cincinnati Bengals or the Buffalo Bills than the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I think I can say this now, because it's not going to hurt anybody's feelings, and it's the truth ... I didn't want to come to Philadelphia," Vick told the magazine.  "Being the third-team quarterback is nothing to smile about.  Cincinnati and Buffalo were better options."

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  This isn't a dig at the city of Philadelphia or the Eagles.  This is Vick simply saying that the Eagles had their starting quarterback, Donovan McNabb, in place.  They also had a solid backup in Kevin Kolb.  Why wouldn't Vick want to play somewhere else and have a much better shot of being the starting quarterback? 

The Bills and Bengals wanted Vick and might have made him their starting quarterback.  Luckily, everything has worked out very well for Vick in Philadelphia.  The Eagles are a great fit for him.  He's surrounded by a lot of talent and has a chance to compete for a Super Bowl this season.  However, he had to backup Donovan McNabb for an entire season with no guarantee of ever becoming the starting quarterback and getting this chance.  At the time two years ago, looking for a more likely starting opportunity was not baffling.