Good call – Paul Pierce should have been ejected.

That's right, the Boston Celtics forward was tossed from yesterday's game #1 against the Heat for a good reason.

He was given two technical fouls within a minute.  Two technicals equals an ejection.

With about 8 minutes to go, Pierce and James Jones each got technical fouls after a hard foul by Jones that Pierce took exception to.

Pierce got in Jones' face as referees separated them and appeared to headbutt him.

Less than a minute later, Pierce and Dwyane Wade earned a double technical as Wade ran hard into a Pierce screen.

Referee Ed Malloy tossed Pierce on the second infraction.

Pierce was warned the first time.  He should have known better - but he was out of control.  

When you get a technical foul, you know the refs are going to be watching your every move.  Pierce needs to know that!  He was a marked man so he needed to behave yourself. 

In the playoffs, you can't put your fate in someone else's hands.

"It's what we call a verbal taunt," Crew chief Dan Crawford said. "He directed profanity towards Wade. And in the rulebook, that is a verbal taunt. And it just so happened to be Pierce's second technical foul."

It’s game #1.  It’s the playoffs – keep your emotions in check.

It wasn’t the refs fault.

Did the refs give Miami a double digit lead for most of the game? Did the refs help Jones hit all those threes? Did the refs steal the ball from Rondo? Did the refs help Bibby shut down Rondo? Did the refs shut down KG? 

Boston shot less than 40% and couldn't contain themselves.

The rules are the rules.  If you’re going to rip on me for not wanting a foul to be called at the end of the Butler/Pittsburgh game, then don’t sink me here.  Situations shouldn't dictate calls in a game. 

He got a 2nd technical and that means ejection.

I don’t want to hear anything about a quick whistle.  The refs have to maintain control out there.  If they don’t, it turns into a street fight.