I love going to New York City. You never know what you'll see.  On Saturday, I think I saw the funniest thing ever - an Elmo pimping himself out for money.

It wasn't a true form of "pimping" - in the traditional pimping sense - but it was pretty close.

My wife and I took a day trip to NYC to celebrate our 6th anniversary. We were hanging out at Times Square when we noticed Elmo. That's right, everyone's favorite Sesame Street character was hanging out in the streets of New York.

We went over to Elmo and upon closer inspection, we realized that Elmo had a backpack and was holding a bag that said, "Tips." 

It turns out that if you took a picture with him, you had to give him some money. People were so caught off guard by this. Parents, kids and adults all had to "pony up" some cash to enjoy Elmo's company. I thought, "Man, only in NYC could Elmo make money off his services."

Not only that, but Elmo also had a backpack on.  I'm assuming this was holding all of his tips!

Yes, I got my picture with Elmo too. At least I can say I got pimped by Elmo in New York City!