It's never good to be fired-It's worse not to be wanted. Both came to be for 3 NFL teams on Monday. The woeful Tampa Bay Bucs said see ya to Raheem Morris. The Rams tossed out Steve Spagnola and GM Billy Devaney and the real stunner The Indianapolis Colts gave a  dual pink slip to father and son Polian Bill and Chris. I was told by a former player that when they fire you that fast they really want you gone bad and no 2nd thoughts were put into the decision. What makes all these moves debatable is that all had recent success, Bill Polian in fact winning a Superbowl and getting to another within the last 5 years.

Unlike most fans whose no thought take is fire the coach-fire the coach-fire the coach I remain amazed how consistant firing of coaches leads nowhere in most cases. Now fire players and that's a different story. Morris won 10 games last season with a young Bucs ballclub and that gave him no leeway. Spagnola got the Rams to within 1 game of the playoffs even with a 7-9 record.

Bill Polian is a legendary football architect building  the small market Colts into an NFL power with deft drafting and oh yeah some guy named Manning. The 1 I understand the most is Morris simply cause his team clearly quit. You don't get crushed week after week in today's NFL unless you quit and his team did. Spags had to deal with injuries to his starting QB, banged up wide receivers and a tattered offensive line. Yes the Rams were 2-14 but they played hard right to the end. I happen to know Devany a little from his days in San Diego and he is a solid football guy.

The next question is who rolls on Tuesday? Does Andy Reid survive? Jason Garrett? Leslie Frazier? Lovie Smith? Norv Turner? In the case of Turner it is time for him to go having failed with a solid roster year after year. In the cases of these other fella's with fans myopia and the hope for a quick fix expect some to be changed cause we all know when you fire the coach and the next guy is proclaimed as the savior the clock then starts clicking on him till he gets the Monday pink slip...