There is one thing I've always wondered about pizza.  Maybe you guys can help me out.

First off, I'm a very picky eater.  There are simply a lot of foods that my stomach isn't fond of.  I don't like to mix foods together.  All of this means that I'm very vanilla when it comes to pizza.  I normally stick to pepperoni pizza.  Sausage is about as crazy as I get.

Here's my question.  I warmed up some pizza today that I bought last night.  Are there any kinds of pizza that are notorious for being horrible when you warm them up a day later?  Is there anything?  Do green peppers taste awful after you put them in the microwave?  Do anchovies taste horrid after you warm them up in the oven?

I never eat fresh pizza with these toppings, so I've always been curious about what they taste like when you heat em up.

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