Plaxico Burress is interested in playing this season for Gang Green.  He has a few other teams on his radar as well.

Plaxico Burress is interested in playing for the Jets, Texans, or Eagles this year.  During a recent interview on NFL Network, Burress had positive things to say about each franchise.

"Rex Ryan definitely has that team going in the right direction. They're definitely right on the cusp of, I think, going to a Super Bowl and eventually winning it," Burress said about the Jets.

Regarding the Texans, Plaxico said: "When you say Houston, all I can say is 'Wow.'  That's all I can say, because I give respect where respect is due.  And I believe Andre Johnson is the best wide receiver in football.  The way he's playing down in Houston, they're getting everything going in the right direction."

Burress was recently a guest on a Philadelphia sports talk show and mentioned being very interested in joining the Eagles.  "Oh, it would be a dream come true," he said.  "I have a lot of respect for Mike, not just as a quarterback but as a person -- you know what he's overcome and what he's went through and just the way he bounced back."

It's debatable which team between the Texans, Jets, and Eagles would give Burress the best chance to be productive.  However, it seems very like that each team would benefit if they acquired Burress' services for the year.  He's a 6'5 athletic specimen who has as much to prove as ever after recently being released from prison for criminal possession of a handgun.