Plaxico Burress looked so good in blue he might be back with number 17; it’s just a matter of time.

June 6th 2011 Plaxico Burress is scheduled to be released from jail, and word on the street is the Giants are going to welcome him with open arms. Players like Justin Tuck and even the higher ups like John Mara and Jerry Reese think this a good move for the team, and are looking into what it would take to make Plaxico II.

I think this is great for the Giants, and by great I think it is an awful idea that someone should be fired for even thinking. Come on Giants, I know your franchise has been a self destructive garbage fire ever since Plax used a pair of BVD’s as a holster for his Glock and rounds That’s like the Red Sox  in the 1930’s putting an over weight on deaths door Babe Ruth on there roster, just to try to reverse the curse. Players are pointing to Michael Vick, yah he turned his life around, but he didn’t do it in Atlanta. Hell Vick couldn’t go home for his own birthday with out there being a shooting.

Plax needs to go some where with out the same temptations, and the same “Dangers” to him and his family as New York City. If he needs a gun cause he thought he was going to get robbed two years ago, after two years of constantly being in the headlines and on TV isn’t going to make life easier. He needs to play for a small market team, like Jacksonville, like Green Bay, and like Detroit (with like 100,000 people leaving every day it will be small soon enough) some place he can’t get in trouble. Funny how Brett Favre never got in Green Bay, but he cant live down all the crap he did in one year in New York City.

I mean putting Plax back into New York City is like putting Lindsey Lohan in the middle Las Vegas and telling her not to drink. No matter what you say something is going to happen, and you’re going to find her sleeping in an empty oil drum covered in chicken wing sauce, fact. Plax will be in trouble weeks after getting out of jail, we are talking about the same guy who didn’t show up to work for 3 days because his kid need a ride to school. The guy missed a flight because he needed sox. Plaxico is about doing what ever the hell he wants.

Defend him all you want, maybe those sox where pretty sweet sox, and maybe his kids school was in Juno Alaska and he is like John Madden and can’t fly. Maybe Plax thought he had one of those joke guns so when you pull the trigger it just says bang (Lord knows that’s the only way I would put a gun that close to my man hood). But what the hell, it’s good to know a guy can get a job fresh out of the pen. And as a Jets Fan, it’s great to know it’s the Giants