Sitting at 5-8, don’t expect the New York Giants to check out the depth on their roster. In fact, according to former Giants receiver Amani Toomer, this is the time that the starters need to play harder than ever.

“They have to just focus on these next three games and try to play some of the best football they possibly can and salvage their season," said Toomer, on with Armen Williams earlier this week.

PODCAST: Amani Toomer on 104.5 The Team

"The ownership and general manager are 100% on top of it right now. They’re looking for guys that are giving up and if you give up, you’re not going to wear a Giants uniform that long.”

At the same time, this is a Giants team that has some young athletes waiting in the wings, would this not be the time to give those guys some more playing time?

“Your veterans have got you in this problem," said Toomer. "They need to find difference makers."

Granted, it probably doesn't matter if the Giants play all starters or test their depth occasionally on Sunday, the Seahawks are a much better team than the G-Men and this thing has the potential to get brutal.

As the Giants round out their final three games of the season, keep in mind that according to ESPNNewYork's Dan Graziano, their draft pick currently sits at the 13th pick for the 2014 draft.

Depending on how they and others finish their season, they could pick as high as five or as low as 23. Yikes. That's a big difference on a team that needs to find difference makers, isn't it?