I don't expect the Mets to stay in the race all year. In fact I would be stunned if they were still within 6 games let's say on August 1st. However my low expectations aside today, June 13th the Mets are still very much alive and should make a move to shake up the club and improve it a bit right now. I wish I had in mind a relief pitcher but that's not it. They should cut loose 1 of the biggest mistakes they have ever made and get rid of useless Jason Bay right now and sign free agent Vladimir Guerrero.

Vlady was just released by the Blue Jays after he demanded he be brought up from a conditioning stint in the minors. The Jays instead gave Vlady his release. The Mets ought to scoop up Vlad and cut loose the useless Bay.

8 years ago the Mets had a chance to sign Guerrero but decided not to after some pinhead in the medical staff said his back was an issue. Yeah nice diagnosis there doc. Vlady went on to win a championship with the Angels and an MVP with Anaheim/LA. Even last year Vlad proved he still had a productive bat, hitting 290 with the Orioles and collecting 163 hits.

Meantime Bay continues to stink and stink bad. Hello Met braintrust it's  2 years and 3 months into this disasterous contract given to Bay-HE IS NOT GOING TO GET THE JOB DONE. There do you understand this now???? Bay is a joke. He is now hitting a paltry 182 and took another o-fer vs the Rays last night in an 11-2 Met blowout. he has hit 259 and 245 in his 2 previous years with the Mets. It's enough already. Fix this mistake and dumb Bay-NOW!!!!!

Would signing Vlad be the answer for the Mets? Well he can't come out of the pen but he can get a hit in his sleep. His defense is a liability but his bat makes up for it. Besides Bay reminds nobody of Endy Chavez anyhow. At least with the bat Vlady remains a potent force. he is only 400+ hits away from 3,000 and at the age of 37 can probably still hit for 2-3 more years. His 290 average with the O's last year was actually the lowest of his career. if bay hit 250 met fans would drool thats how brutal he has been. The Mets could slide Lucal Duda to Left and have Vlady play right with Kirk Nieuwenhuis in center. An ideal outfield it is not but from a productivity standpoint far better then anything that includes the name Bay.

Having debated the idea a little with my audience  on the radio show (Game on with Bruce Jacobs-Mon-Fri on 1045 the Team-ESPN Radio) and my producer Pierce Brix, a fellow met fan, we are united in doing this move. Sure it would cost a few shecks to get rid of bay but it is costing you now to have him so what is the difference? Bay is decent in the field and a total embarresment at the plate.

It is time to correct 2 mistakes with 1 move Sandy Alderson and Fred Wilpon. Not signing Vlad in 2004 when you hade the chance was wrong and signing Bay made that 1st mistake glare that much brighter.