The investigation into the  murder of Odin Lloyd now spans down to Florida. A 3rd suspect, Ernest Wallace has been apprehended in Miramar, Florida in connection with the cold blooded execution of Lloyd.

Wallace turned himself in to the Cops and was charged with acting as an accessory  to the murder of Lloyd. The Wallace arrest now brings to 3 total in the case. Police believe there were 3 men in the car with Lloyd the night he was shot dead.

Hernandez tried to appeal his denial of bail on Thursday and that was denied. In a sickening scene outside the courtroom on Wednesday, at the original bail hearing, after it was denied and Hernandez was led out the back door to a van carrying him to prison, several what can be assumed Patriot fans cheered FOR Hernandez, clapping and chanting " Innocent, innocent" as he was put into the van and taken away.

Hernandez is charged with the murder. Police revealed that Hernandez sent a text to Wallace and the 3rd suspect, Carlos Ortiz in the murder that took place in an industrial area close to Hernandez's home.

The evidence is piling up against Hernandez and now police are investigating whether he was involved in a double murder drive by shooting in 2012 as well.

Police have texts sent to both of the other suspects in the case that Hernandez allegedly sent summoning both men to Connecticut.

Also on Thursday the Patriots announced they would offer an exchange program if anyone wanted to return a Patriot-Hernandez jersey and the offer extends to trading in for another jersey at no additional cost to the customer. The exchange program will take place only on the weekend of July 6th and 7th and any fan that wants to return the Hernandez jersey can get another that is the same or lesser value and not have to pay anything for the return. The offer is good for the Patriots team shop only.