After each season the NY daily News does a "keep em or dump em" poll of both New York baseball teams. While many polls are strictly a "snapshot" of how those taking the poll feel, this poll has more then just 1,000 people chiming in like many political polls offer. This years poll on the Yanks reveals some very interesting results.

The no surprises in my opinion-The fans want Alex Rodriguez gone. 78% voted to get rid of the usual playoff choke. That is up from 72% of those that wanted Arod gone after last year. I am a bit surprised the number isn't higher, as I am surprised how many Yankee executives have not commented publicly over Rodriguez's playoff antics, flirting with 2 woman while game 1 of the ALCS was taking place. I know it made me sick and if I owned the club that would be the final straw. Failure is part of life. Not caring is not acceptable. Andruw Jones by the way got the highest negative marks as 88% said they want him jettisoned. Whiner Nick Swisher who it has been revealed was whining about being booed at home was voted as a goner as well by 72% of those that responded.

A couple surprised me a bit. Eric Chavez who had a solid regular season was voted off Yankee Island by 51%. Russell Martin was voted by a 57%  wanting him to stay, a little surprising considering how he struggled for most of the regular season. Also a bit surprising was that 66% of fans chiming in voted for manager Joe Girardi to stay. I say surprising because fans usually want the coach/manager gone after failure. This to me speaks well of Yankee fans.

On the plus side 83% want Ichiro re-signed and to stay. That is 3rd on the ballclub. Ace C.C. Sabathia, despite being injured some of the year, and struggling more so then he had in pinstripes this season got a team high 87% approval. 2 legends tied for 2nd and neither is a shock. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera got 85% approval. Actually you could argue that should be higher for both.

As far as coaches go-hitting coach Kevin Long was met with a 61% disapproval rate while pitching coach Larry Rothschild was on the opposite end, voted to stay by 65% of  those that partook in the poll.

I will be going over the entire poll with a few more shockers on Mondays and Tuesdays program (Game on with Bruce Jacobs-3/7 pm on 1045 The Team, ESPN radio)