I am not holding my breath as a big time NHL fan, but maybe a glimmer of hope has arisen.

Sources are claiming that the NHL players union might present a new offer to the owners in hopes of ending this absurd, owner led lock out.

While both sides have had "discussions" on non-economic issues like texture of the toilet paper and other stupid stuff the real issues are not being discussed, until hopefully now.

It has been three weeks since the sides have discussed all that matters: money! Union head Donald Fehr, at the urging of the players, is said to be working on a new set of ideas on how to bridge the gap between the owners' and players' offers. Yes, if you can't tell, I fault these owners and that bumbling fool Gary Bettman. Their offers, in my view, have been mostly insulting.

I have never questioned the players' desire to play. In fact, I believe hockey players love their sport and to play their sport more than athletes in other sports. No disrespect to other athletes, that is just my feeling and view.

Bettman's right hand man, Bill Daly is urging the union to step up with new ideas and proposals. I bet he is. The players want to play!

Daly has supposedly been urging the players to make a new proposal in hopes of breaking this log jam. The NHL has cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season already.