Sources from Hollywood have reported that Casey Afflect (the Eli Manning of Afflects) has been signed to direct a big money biopic about Josh Hamilton. The movie will reportedly (and obviously) chronicle Hamilton’s struggles with drug and alcohol and his rise to the top of the Big Leagues. Of course, a film like this is going to need a name epic enough to truly embody the spirit of this story. Let’s brainstorm shall we…

Crack… Of the Bat – Covers all the bases, if you will, but definitely not a home run. Also, I have a problem with punctuation in movie titles. Tacky.   

The Louisville Chugger- Short, sweet and poignant, however, due to legal ramifications and potential lawsuits that may be brought up by the baseball bat juggernaut, title wont be getting off the ground.  

Free Base & Intentional Walks – This is a clubhouse favorite for sure. Not only does it sum up the flick in a nice, succinct fashion, but it also has works on many levels with multiple connotations. It’s a title within a title within a title; Leonardo DiCaprio would be proud.

Safe By A Nose: Josh Hamilton has had many close calls on his journey to becoming an American Hero; to try and wrap words around them is no easy task. I feel that this title frames his born-again Christian jihad elegantly.

Lets Play 2 (I Cant Sleep Anyway) – If it were my money, this would head the script going forward. But, then again, I’m no Casey Afflect.

Time will only tell what name the big wigs land on, just as time will only tell how many Oscars this production will earn. All I know is that, with LeBron James finally getting his long coveted first ring, we as a nation are ready to embrace Casey Afflect’s Good Will Hunting Moment. Knock it out the park Case!