President Barack Obama is back on ESPN for another four years of his Barack-etology segment, in which he fills out his NCAA Tournament bracket with Andy Katz. This marks the first time that President Obama has been in office for a UAlbany Great Danes NCAA Tournament appearance, making this the perfect time for him to pick our local team to pull off the ultimate upset.

Only he didn't, instead picking Duke to make it to the Elite Eight, at which point he has them losing to Louisville.

Now, I am not in any way opinionated politically and, even if I was, this would not be the venue for such discussion. However, I am very disappointed with our President's lack of guts in regards to the Great Danes.

Come on, POTUS, could you imagine if you were the one person in a sea of so-called experts to predict that the Great Danes would get it done and then it happened? I doubt that your dissenters in the political world would doubt your next strategy to mend the economy and, if they did, you could just play the "I'm right about this just like I was right about the Albany Great Danes" card.

President Obama has Louisville, Ohio State, Florida, and Indiana in his Final Four, which are all perfectly understandable selections. I'm just glad that he didn't put Duke into his Final Four. It would really mess up his bracket after the UAlbany Great Danes upset the Blue Devils this Friday.