Oh how I loved to play some frisbee when I was a bit younger. Straight frisbee, baseball frisbee, any kind of frisbee. Now Professional frisbee is on it's way.

The Albany Ultimate Disc Association (AUDA) has come to the Capital Region. I must say I am not sure I like the name. Sounds confusing. What's wrong with Frisbee in the name. Auda-Sounds like a fat cat or something. But I love me some frisbee.

The folks that run this league have put out some numbers. They claim Ultimate frisbee is the 3rd fastest growing "sport" in the world. 1st is Lacrosse (41.8%) 2nd is (37.7%). Ultimate frisbee they claim has grown 20.5%.

Now let me admit I don't know the rules or exactly how this game is played but it certainly looks fun and interesting.. AUDA President Will Sloane  comments why the Capital Region is part of the growth plan " To foster the growth of Ultimate in the area, get people exposed to the sport, see if they like it and hopefully  give them the opportunity to play".

Reading about this sport it seems a far throw from the frisbee we played. The majority of players that play in AUDA train for it in college. I am thinking this isn't the same thing as frisbee football that's for sure :)

Auda provides leagues, teams and tournaments for all players no matter your age. I like that! There is a team already made up of young kids, called Cap City Bang Bang which is made up of young people from local schools from Albany, Shaker and other locals.

Gosh I miss those frisbee tossing days. Not sure about this professional league but I do know that being outside and skipping that disc, trying to beat anyone in a game similar to Horse was great fun, more excercise then playing some video game and for me anyhow much more fun and challenging.