Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden showcases his skill by firing footballs at clay pigeons.

Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden might be selected in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft on Thursday night.  There are rumors that there are teams that might try to work out a trade to get in position to draft Weeden at the tail end of the first round this evening.  Coverage of the draft can be heard at 7pm ET tonight on 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio.

Whether Weeden is drafted in the first round or not, he can at least nail clay pigeons with a football.  I'm not sure that this proves anything about his potential as a pro.  So, the guy can hit clay pigeons.  That's nice.  I'm sure a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL can do the same thing.  I'd even bet money that Tim Tebow can throw ducks while hitting clay pigeons.  I'll be here all week.  Relax, PETA.  "A duck" is just a reference to a wobbly pass.  It's referring to a throw without a tight spiral, not an actual duck.

Brian Noe is the Program Director at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts “The Noe Show” each weekday from 1-3pm ET on WTMM.