The Baltimore Ravens got some great play from their defense as it turned turnovers into touchdowns in their victory over the New York Jets. The defense alone scored three times against the Jets offense. Mark Sanchez struggled big time in the 34-17 loss.

What's next for gang green? What can they do to turn things around?

There are lots of questions to be answered in this loss to the Ravens. The play of the Jets' offensive line was terrible in the game. Of course, the injury to Nick Mangold seems to be the cause for the poor play of the O-Line. Mangold is the nucleus and the heart of that line. Not having him in this game seemed to prove costly.

The Jets also had a key loss in Bryan Thomas, who was injured in the first quarter due to an ankle injury and never returned. Overall it was a very rough night for Mark Sanchez who could not get into a real rhythm. He struggled to keep in-sync with his offensive line and with his receivers. This is Sanchez's 3rd year in the NFL and needs to step up into that leadership role. But after a game like this, his leadership and skill will certainly take a hit.

If the Jets want to go anywhere in this season, they need to get better play from their line and get back into sync with their offense. The Jets' defense did play ok in the loss, but overall the Ravens' defense out-played the Jets and was the class of the two teams.