Bartolo Colon has run out of steam since his return.  He gives up 5 runs last night as Tampa Bay beats New York.

It has been a rough last 5 games for the New York Yankees.  They have lost 4 of those 5 games including last nights 5-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Bartolo Colon wasn't pitching like his usual self.  He last just over 5 innings and gives up all 5 runs including 2 Tampa Bay Homers.

That loss, combined with a Boston win, puts the Yankees a half game out of first place now.  The bats just weren't working for the Yankees last night.  They notch only 6 hits total, 2 of those belonging to Robinson Cano, including  a home run.  Derek Jeter would also get a hit last night.  He knocked a double early to get within 2 hits of the 3,000 mark.

The Rays on the other hand thrived last night. Ben Zobrist and BJ Upton led the team with 2 homers.  Upton had 3 RBI's. Along with Zobrist and Upton, 3 other Rays had multi-hit games last night.  Rays pitching was on last night as well.  Besides a couple hits, Jeff Niemann lasted over 7 innings.

The Yankees will finish up the first part of the regular season against Tampa Bay.  That continues tonight at 7p with Freddy Garcia on the mound.