The Red Sox once again solved CC Sabathia for the third time this season, as they roll to their 10-4 victory. The Yankees and the Red Sox are now tied atop the American League East standings. CC Sabathia gave up a season-high 7 runs in this game. His previous high was 6 runs, which he twice gave up to the Red Sox.

Find out what the Yankees need to do to win the series on Sunday

The Red Sox again were able to hit CC Sabathia and limit him to 6 innings. In those 6 innings he gave up 9 hits, 7 runs, walked 1, and struck out 6. Ideally the Yanks would have liked for CC to go 7 or 8 innings to allow less work to be done by their bullpen. However the Red Sox were able to get to Hector Noesi for 3 more runs.

Big bright spot for the Red Sox was Jacoby Ellsbury had a career-high 6 RBI in the game, including a 3-run home run off of CC Sabathia. He has been one of, if not, the hottest Red Sox hitter as of late.

The Yankees were successful on Friday night since they got to Lester, made him throw a lot of pitches at key moments, and work their bullpen. This is what the Yanks need to do come Sunday night. If they want the AL east lead and want to win the game, they must make Josh Beckett work. Beckett has a tendency to be wild at times and the Yankees can force him to throw a lot of pitches.

In addition to the Yanks' offense making the Red Sox pitching work, Freddy Garcia must get the Red Sox out and not allow unnecessary baserunners either via walk or mistake pitches. If Freddy can keep the Yanks in the game like he has done all season, the Yankees will have a very good chance at taking the game.

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